Accreditation and Accountability

Mayborn Retention & Graduation Facts

The Mayborn School of Journalism is one of 111 programs within the United States and outside the country accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. There are about 1,000 undergraduate students in the Mayborn School.

Two departments comprise the School. The Department of News includes majors in digital and print, broadcast journalism and photojournalism. The Department of Strategic Communications includes majors in advertising and public relations.

Undergraduate Journalism Enrollment

 Fall 2013Fall 2012Fall 2011Fall 2010Fall 2009Fall 2008
Pre‐Journalism (PJUR)705724722665734712
Journalism (JOUR)275272266249197139

Undergraduate Student Retention Rates by Cohort Years: First-Time in College Students

 1 Year2 Year3 Year
First enrolled 200678%79%67%69%61%64%
First enrolled 200774%78%67%67%63%62%
First enrolled 200883%79%73%69%66%61%
First enrolled 200985%81%72%69%62%60%
First enrolled 201085%80%75%67%55%62%

Undergraduate Graduation Rates: First-Time in College Students, Enrolled Full-Time

 4-Year Grad Rates5-Year Grad Rates6-Year Grad Rates
First enrolled 200629%22%46%41%50%48%
First enrolled 200733%26%49%45%54%49%
First enrolled 200839%26%54%44%N/AN/A
First enrolled 200928%23%N/AN/AN/AN/A

Undergraduate Graduation Rates: Transfer Students, Enrolled Full-Time

 4-Year Grad Rates5-Year Grad Rates6-Year Grad Rates
First enrolled 200656%52%60%58%62%61%
First enrolled 200763%56%68%61%70%62%
First enrolled 200860%57%62%62%N/AN/A
First enrolled 200955%54%N/AN/AN/AN/A

UNT is one of the largest transfer institutions in the nation. Transfer students are admitted at various classifications based on completed hours.

Graduate Journalism Enrollment: Masters Students

Master of ArtsN/A3325171410
Master of JournalismN/A3443373636

Graduate Student Retention Rates by Cohort Years

 1 Year2 Year3 Year

Graduation Rates for Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism

 3-Year Grad Rates
First enrolled 200682.3%47.9%
First enrolled 200760.9%53.7%
First enrolled 200890.1%54.7%
First enrolled 200965.0%56.3%