Alumni are an important part of UNT Journalism. Through donations of time and money, you help maintain the department and the education of the students.

By providing internships and a network of contacts, you give aspiring students and fellow alumni the chance to succeed and be part of one of the best journalism programs in the region.

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We want to know where our alumni live and work. Tell us about you, your family, and your favorite memory while at UNT.

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Mayborn Alumni Find Success.

Our graduates succeeding
Nedal Ahmed

Nedal Ahmed didn’t expect to receive the e-mail that announced she received a prestigious award from the American Advertising Federation that includes a trip to the Big Apple.

Our Alumni Achieve Their Dreams

Writing their own futures
Ashton Phillips

Ashton Phillips, a strategic communications Major at Mayborn, proves that blogging can get you noticed. In her case, on a national level.