Ad/PR agency fosters professional experience

SWOOP, the student-managed advertising and public relations agency, is getting attention in a big way at the Mayborn School of Journalism. SWOOP works on real projects for real clients with real results.

SWOOP is the vision of Dr. Sheri Broyles, Interim Chair of the Department of Strategic Communications in the J-School. Broyles, a former copywriter, started the agency in 2011 with the help of Senior Lecturer Bill Ford, who ran his own agency for 15 years in Dallas. Clients began lining up when word of the agency got out, starting with the UNT Admissions Office. SWOOP wrote, designed and produced the fall and spring Preview books for prospective students. 


Clients, both on- and off-campus, can expect the same services as they would find in a professional agency. This hands-on training allows SWOOP alumni to step into agencies and be productive from Day One. SWOOP gives students the chance to interact with clients, build and execute campaigns as well as work together in a team environment. The agency offers brand consulting, copywriting, graphic design, social media, advertising campaigns and public relations services that cater to a client’s specific needs.

SWOOPers, as they call themselves, meet with clients, set project deadlines and solve client problems in a fast-paced environment – just as they will do as professionals after graduation. They have the opportunity to learn various aspects of the industry while creating impressive results for their clients.

Students can volunteer at SWOOP or intern for practicum credit. Everyone involved leaves SWOOP with a solid grasp of the industry – and an impressive line on his or her résumé.

For more information, visit the SWOOP Agency website

Contact: Bill Ford bill.ford@unt.edu 

SWOOP Staff selected for Spring 2015

  • Christine Baker, Public Relations & Social Media
  • Jumanai Cox, Copywriter
  • Christen Dennis, Copywriter
  • Shannon Hall, Copywriter
  • Jeremy Horton, Account Planner
  • Sarah Kasprzyk, Art Direction & Video Production
  • Ryan Lange, Copywriter
  • Gina Lipschitz, Art Director
  • Savannah Montgomery, Art Director
  • Candis Moore, Account Planner
  • Kelly Norman, Public Relations
  • Taylor Palmer, Public Relations & Social Media
  • Brittany Villegas, Public Relations
  • Christin Workman, Copywriter

Returning SWOOP Staff:

  • Ashlea Ramirez, President
  • Korey Ambrose, Account Executive
  • Luis Cano, Art Director & Account Planner
  • Savannah Collins, Account Executive
  • Morgan Dougherty: Social Media & Public Relations
  • Alexandra Hall, Account Planner
  • Whitney Hoard, Vice President & Account Executive
  • Laura Pavlas, Account Planner