News Concentration

The News Concentration teaches reporting, writing, editing and photojournalism skills for online, broadcast and print outlets.

Journalists investigate and report events, issues, and trends to audiences using a variety of print, broadcast, digital, and online media.

The News Concentration uses a multi-platform approach that prepares students to work in 21st Century newsroom environments where they must use reporting, writing, editing and photojournalism skills to tell their stories using both traditional and new media distribution channels. The strong foundation provided by Mayborn’s core coursework also equips students with the fundamental writing, research and critical thinking skills to find work at a variety of jobs outside the media industry or to enter graduate or law studies.

Mayborn students learn from faculty members with extensive professional experience in print, broadcast and online news. Students receive extensive hands-on opportunities to produce projects for broadcast, magazines, newspapers and the web. They also learn to use the the latest new media tools in classrooms and labs equipped with state-of-the-art video/audio technology, computers and software.

Mayborn news students

Students interested in careers in broadcast and multimedia can pursue specialized coursework, including broadcast reporting and writing, visual journalism, and online journalism. These classes teach the skills and concepts of writing, reporting and producing audio and visual content for television, radio and the Internet. Students learn to cover a news “beat,” shoot video and stills, and edit using non-linear editing systems. Students also learn to appear on camera, to do live reporting and anchoring and to produce content for on-air and online, including webcasts.

Students also have the opportunity to gain experience working as news reporters, sports reporters, writers, photojournalists, designers, and editors for use online, on air and in print for the North Texas Daily,, Denton Community Television, Denton Live and other area media. They can also gain additional experience through internships at newspapers, magazines, book publishing companies, television and radio stations, web companies, advertising and public relations agencies, and large and small businesses throughout the Dallas–Fort Worth area, the nation’s fifth largest media market.