Strategic Communication Concentration

The Strategic Communication Concentration prepares students to work in advertising and public relations in ad agencies, corporations, nonprofit agencies and the government.

Strategic communication involves bringing together messages, media channels and audiences. Strategic communicators are responsible for managing communication channels, developing media strategies and building brand image for ad/PR/marketing agencies, profit and non-profit corporations, governments, schools, hospitals, professional sports teams, and other organizations.

Mayborn news students

The strategic communication concentration prepares students to work in a wide variety of advertising, public relations and integrated communication careers. The strong foundation provided by Mayborn’s core coursework also equips students with the fundamental writing, research and critical thinking skills to find work at a variety of jobs outside the media industry or to enter graduate or law studies.

Mayborn’s multi-platform teaching approach prepares students with the print, broadcast, and online skills to succeed in the digital age. Mayborn students receive extensive hands-on opportunities through skills classes as well as by using video/audio technology and state-of-the-art computers and software. They produce work for broadcast, magazines, newspapers and the web, including advertisements for traditional and non-traditional media, newsletters, news releases, public service announcements, websites and social media strategies.

Students can gain additional experience helping complete campaigns and projects for advertising and public relations clients, and through internships at newspapers, magazines, book publishing companies, television and radio stations, web companies, advertising and public relations agencies, and large and small businesses throughout the Dallas–Fort Worth region and the nation.