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Frank W. and Sue Mayborn

School of Journalism

Mayborn Alumni Mentor Network

The UNT Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Alumni Mentor Network is a unique opportunity for our alumni to connect with our undergraduate students and provide them with one-on-one mentoring. Mentors selected are volunteers with up to 20 selected each year. Mayborn mentor relationships will typically run one year with both students and mentors providing feedback.

Mentees will be undergraduate students with a passion for journalism, advertising and public relation and interests in a variety of media platforms. First preference will be given to students who are at least sophomores. Mentors are alums of UNT’s journalism program with at least three years of experience who want to share their wisdom with our students, and preferably are working in areas related to the student’s field of study. Mentors will be asked to interact with only one mentee once a month via email, telephone or Skype.

Email the Mayborn:


For prospective student information: moremayborn@unt.edu

For transfer course information: JOURAdvising@unt.edu

For inquiries, internship & other inquiries: journalism@unt.edu