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Equipment Checkout

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This form only needs to be filled out ONCE per semester. You do not have to fill it out every time you want equipment.

Equipment and facilities are to be used for Journalism (JOUR) coursework only.

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NOTICE: The student agrees to retain sole possession of equipment checked out and not to lend or give equipment to any other person for any reason. The student is responsible for returning equipment by the date and time specified. Any equipment not returned within two weeks from the date checked out will be charged to the student at fair market value.

The student is responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment during the time the equipment is checked out in his/her name, whether or not such damage is caused by the student. Damaged equipment will be repaired at the student’s expense. If the equipment is lost or cannot be repaired, the student will be responsible for replacing the equipment at current market price. In addition, the student will receive and incomplete in the course until the issue is resolved.

EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED FOR COURSEWORK ONLY! Any other use will result in disciplinary action.

Late Returns/Abuse of Checkout Policy

  • 1st infraction: 1 week loss of equipment/facility use; single overnights ONLY
  • 2nd infraction: 3 week loss of equipment/facility use; loss of overnight privileges
  • 3rd infraction: loss of ALL equipment/facility use for the remainder of the semester in ALL Mayborn classes