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The Dallas Morning News


Many journalism students dream of working for a paper like The Dallas Morning News, but to have a fighting chance, you need to be prepared for anything. A Mayborn education makes sure you are.

Joy Tipping, Staff Writer and Copy Editor for The Dallas Morning News, was originally offered a job at the national desk. More of a lifestyles person, she initially turned the job down. But within 10 minutes, she realized her mistake. “I was smart, I went to North Texas, and I could figure it out,” she says. That’s what this school prepares you for. “When I came here, I came from [another school] and thought I was hot stuff,” she recalls. “But when I got here, I realized – oh, everyone here is the best in their class. This prepared me well for The Dallas Morning News. Everybody here is the smartest person at the paper they left to come here.” Her courageous move to take the national desk job paid off in the end—she eventually made her way into lifestyles. “I felt completely confident going into my jobs because North Texas gave me that confidence,” she says.

Roy Appleton, a Staff Writer at The Dallas Morning News, is a Denton native. Appleton started at DMN as an editor and eventually moved into reporting. “It’s a great job,” he says. “I’ve told others—it’s amazing. You get paid to meet people, talk to people, learn and write. How fantastic is that?” Very fantastic. And the Mayborn helped get him there. “A good education helps you think critically and engages your curiosity,” he says.

Scott Parks, a Special Writer and Metro News Writer for The Dallas Morning News, credits the Mayborn for his job today. “My journalism education at UNT is what enabled me to get a paying job,” he says. “You were assigned a beat and wrote stories for the NT Daily every day. It was actually working for a newspaper.” Parks became editor of the NT Daily editorial page during his time at UNT. “It has the aspect of a trade school – it’s focused on really teaching you how to be a reporter and editor.”

And for future journalists, what’s better than that?

But when I got [to the Mayborn], I realized—oh, everyone here is the best in their class. This prepared me well for The Dallas Morning News. –Joy Tipping