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Tina Young


For Marketwave founder Tina Young, a “sea of red ink” on schoolwork during her years studying journalism at UNT contributed directly to her successful career as a communications strategist and business owner. Dr. Richard “Dick” Wells administered the red comments on a regular basis, according to Young, and that pushed her to “get it right, understand the facts and dig for the story.”

After experience-building stints at other advertising and public relations firms, Young founded her present company, Marketwave, two decades ago to provide on-target marketing communications services to companies in a variety of businesses. Marketwave has quickly grown to become one of the leading full-service marketing companies in the Metroplex, serving clients in healthcare and other markets such as Baylor Healthcare Systems, PrimaCare and others.

Young says the reporting and fact-finding skills she learned studying journalism at UNT have been key to her success. “I remember wanting to do a story on the Denton Housing Authority, and I talked to Professor Wells to get his advice,” she said. “He told me then that there was no way I could truly get that story in an afternoon and that I’d have to really walk a mile in their shoes to understand the issues. Dr. (Roy) Busby was an inspiration, too, always pushing me to ‘find what’s unique in a story’.”

That experience led Young to a commitment to fact-finding that guides Marketwave to this day. Professionals have a responsibility to “honor the person you’re interviewing by making sure you get the facts right. When I’m working with clients today, I know I have to be fully immersed and ask a lot of questions.”

Young also built Marketwave around the concept of “conscious capitalism,” an idea she drew from early mentors that creates a culture of combining “doing well with doing good.” A charter member of the Dallas Conscious Capitalism chapter, Young and others “recognize the power of business to make a positive impact on people and the world by having a higher state of consciousness about a company’s purpose and culture.”

Building on the ideas of conscious capitalism, Young says work has greater meaning, sets up a healthy long-term business culture and improves employee retention while delivering greater services to clients at the same time. “We want our work to have meaning. We’ve developed a business model where everyone serves each other,” she added.

But Young points to the Mayborn’s “Your Story Starts Here” theme as a fundamental part of Marketwave’s approach to business. “It permeates every aspect of branding,” she said. “We learn how to listen for the story, uncover it and then frame it up.”

Hard work helps, too – a trait Young learned while regularly taking 21 semester hours each term at UNT. “As an entrepreneur, I have to be tenacious and persevere through all kinds of challenges. I’m so glad the standards were as high as they were while I was in the school. I definitely felt prepared to go out into the world and succeed.”