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Graduate Certificate in Interactive and Virtual Digital Communication

During this period of dynamic change in traditional print and broadcast media, it is absolutely essential that anyone interested in pursuing a career in media have a fundamental grasp of how the Internet, social media and technology is changing the way we gather, report, write, distribute news and information.

Even in public relations and advertising, professionals must be fully versed in how best to reach traditional and emerging audiences in innovative ways.

This 18-hour interdisciplinary academic certificate with the College of Information provides students and professionals written, visual and technical competencies required to successfully communicate in the modern online and information-oriented environments.


To enroll in the 18-hour Graduate Certificate in Interactive and Virtual Digital Communications, candidates will apply to UNT through the Toulouse Graduate School website and will send official transcripts demonstrating completion of a bachelor's degree. The Graduate Record Examination is not required. Departmental admission requirements are determined by the College of Information. Contact for more information. For questions, contact Call 940-565-2445 for information.

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Interactive & Virtual Digital Communication

Program Objectives

  • Provide you with a solid foundation on the current trends in how to communicate news and information in today's world
  • Provide you with a theoretical and practical framework to assess how interactive and digital media, e.g. websites, blogs, social media, mobile media, is impacting current business models for media and most companies today
  • Help you understand how to best use technology and digital media to better reach new and existing readers, viewers, consumers and customers
  • Update your knowledge and skills related to digital media to take on a more active role in your company


Choose from the required courses listed below (18 hours):

  • JOUR 5500 - Integrated Communications or JOUR 5320 - New Technologies of Mass Communication
  • INFO 5040 - Information Behavior
  • INFO 5615 - Electronic Databases and Information Services
  • JOUR 5520 - Advanced Study in Advertising and Public Relations for Social Good
  • LTEC 5200 - New Technologies of Instruction
  • LTEC 5260 - Computer Graphics for Mediated Communications

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Course Catalog

Related Careers

  • Corporate communications at non-profits and media companies
  • Interactive media manager at a newspaper, broadcast, online media outlet or a public relations or advertising agency
  • Media analyst: Helping a company decide which media to use to best communicate with staff, consumers and/or industry colleagues
  • Interactive Marketing Manager
  • Media strategist for a PR or advertising agency
  • New Media Strategist
  • Social Marketing Program Manager
  • Manager, social media and digital marketing
  • Digital community manager
  • Manager/Director Online Services
  • Interactivity Producer
  • Digital Content Manager/Producer/Director

Marketable skills for this degree include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas, that are valued by employers, and are primary or complementary to the major. The marketable skills goal was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers. UNT's marketable skills were faculty-developed and approved by employers or discipline-specific agencies, e.g., internship providers, chambers of commerce, workforce development boards, and other workforce-related entities. For information on these marketable skills -