by Brooke Colombo

The university will receive $29.01 million from the CARES Act, a coronavirus emergency relief bill unanimously passed by Congress in late March.

From the money allocated, a minimum of $14.51 million is required to go toward emergency financial aid grants for students.

Provost Jennifer Cowley said the university has yet to decide if it will exceed that minimum or what the remaining money will go towards.

"We're still evaluating all of the costs that we're incurring as it relates to supporting the transition to remote learning," Cowley said. "[The federal government] has not finalized guidance on what that other part can be used for."

Provost Jennifer Cowley said the university has filled out the paperwork, but as of April 24, they had not yet received the funding.

"We're expecting it very soon and we've already reviewed almost all the applications that have come in," Cowley said. "We're prepared to make allocations as soon as that money arrives. We're ready to start awarding to students."

Featured Image: The bell tower atop the Administration Building at the University of North Texas rings out to an empty campus on April 27, 2020. The university is in the process of receiving and distributing emergency financial aid grants from the federal CARES Act in the wake of COVID-19. Image by Ryan Gossett