Innovations and Implications of Persuasive Narrative

Co-authored by Gwen Nisbett

nisbett research
Innovations and Implications of Persuasive Narrative

Narratives and storytelling are how we create shared meaning and experience the world with others. Implications of narratives are vast and apply to many disciplines. The persuasive function of narratives can be seen in marketing, advertising, strategic social media, and public relations whose practitioners are using narrative based strategies to deeply engage audiences.

This interdisciplinary volume seeks to explore the range of applications and implications of using persuasive narrative and storytelling. Persuasive strategies include the use of influencers, celebrities, virtual reality, interactive games, and content marketing (among others). The authors explore the impact of the innovative strategies that persuaders are using to capture attention and actively engage audiences.

Through a variety of theoretical, qualitative, and quantitative approaches, this book focuses on the application and outcomes of narrative strategy. Ultimately, we see this collection as a way to inspire narrative research into new directions and applications in media, marketing, public relations, advertising, and strategic communication fields.