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Mayborn Graduate Scholarship

Graduate Scholarship

The Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism is pleased to award a number of $10,000 scholarships to exceptionally qualified graduate students each year. Selections for these highly competitive awards are announced each spring in April at the Celebrate Mayborn event. Funds are released for the following academic year in two equal parts; $5,000 in the fall and $5,000 the following spring. Partial awards are given in some circumstances. Students may apply twice, once in their first year and then again in the second year of study. Students receiving the Mayborn Graduate Scholarship must carry a full course load of nine hours each semester. As the Mayborn Graduate Scholarship is a competitive award, non-resident recipients receiving this award will be granted resident tuition for the duration of the scholarship period.

Consideration of awarding the Mayborn Scholarship will be made to graduate students who plan to enter all journalism fields such as news, public relations, advertising, photojournalism and broadcast news. This requirement adds diversity and fresh thinking from a variety of disciplines to the Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism.

To apply for the Mayborn Scholarship, you must be an unconditionally accepted student to the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism and Toulouse Graduate School by the scholarship deadline which is the first Friday in March of each year. The 2018-19 application deadline is Friday, March 1st at 5 p.m. Applications submitted after the deadline may be considered if more funding is found before the fall term begins.

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Questions? Contact the Kary Greene, Graduate Student Coordinator, at (940) 565-4564 or kara.greene@unt.edu.

2015 Mayborn Scholars Testimonials

"Being awarded the Mayborn scholarship was the biggest blessing for me. If it weren't for this scholarship, I would have probably had to go back to Venezuela. Now I graduate in December with a Master’s degree! I will be forever thankful to this school. You have changed my life."
- Fabianna Blanco

"My name is Kyle Blankenship and I'm a second year master's student at the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism. As a former student of English literature at Texas A&M University, I am a huge fan of narrative writing and work hard to find that fine line between beautiful prose and serious nonfiction. I am hoping to pursue a career in the human rights field, reporting around the world on human rights abuses and the people that are making this world a better place for all. As a second-year Mayborn Scholarship recipient, I want to thank Mrs. Sue Mayborn for her continued support in the pursuit of my dreams and the immense generosity she shows to Mayborn students. Thank you, Mrs. Mayborn!"
- Kyle Blankenship

"When I found out I was awarded the Mayborn scholarship, I was so overcome with emotion--excitement, joy and relief. With trying to save up for a wedding, moving to a new city and not wanting to take out any more student loans, I really wasn't sure graduate school was going to be an option for me before the scholarship. I owe my existence as a student at UNT to Frank and Sue Mayborn. I am so excited for the opportunities and connections this scholarship has already given me and I can't wait to give back to future students in this way. This scholarship and this university have renewed a hope in me that I can and will become the writer I always wanted to be."
- Azia Branson

"Time and again, this program has put its faith in me to perform at the top of my potential. The Mayborn Scholarship was one more assurance that the wonderful faculty and administration saw in me something great, even if I couldn’t always see it myself. Without having to constantly stress over the financial burden higher education put son many of us, I’ve been able to pursue creative projects and professional relationships that do so much to round out an already fantastic education here. Calling it a blessing is nearing criminal understatement."
- Chase Carter

"Beyond the financial support, the Mayborn Scholarship has been a ticket to the very heart of everything that goes on with journalism at the University of North Texas - winning people, winning programs and a winning attitude. Mayborn Scholars are exposed to the very best of journalism at Ground Zero for all things involving the written and spoken word in the region and beyond. It's an honor to be sure, but also a responsibility. I'm digging it."
- James Dale

"When I stumbled upon the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism, I had almost given up on my dream of a lifelong career in journalism. After just a few months studying here, I've already had exciting opportunities and rediscovered a field I'm so passionate about. I'm incredibly grateful that the Mayborn Graduate Scholarship has made this path possible for me."
- Emily Goldstein

"The Mayborn Scholarship allowed me to chase a dream that I once thought was impossible. The greatest gift you can give someone is opportunity, and I'm blessed to have received such a generous award to pursue my passions. I hope to follow these passions in to a career in broadcast journalism."
- Tyler Hicks

"For me, being recognized as a Mayborn Scholar has meant more than a simple check and pat on the back. Perhaps this is because, until recently, I have always felt like I was the one pushing through every barrier in education. Tuition, housing, classes and all the other challenges left me with a feeling best described by the image of Sisyphus and his boulder: always compelled, yet never gaining. But the Mayborn School gives me a level of support that feels almost alien to me and my old struggles. I’ve all but cemented the goals I once felt compelled towards and now, as a Mayborn Scholar, I continue to strive further with new goals of a PhD and specialized research."
- David “Jessie” Laljer

"I am thankful to have received the Mayborn Graduate Scholarship, because not only does it cover all of my university costs, but it has also given me the freedom to look for an internship, which will prepare me for the journalism world after I graduate. Additionally, I am also able to be a full-time student and start on my thesis without having to worry about making ends meet. I am grateful for this scholarship because I can now explore all of my interests within the journalism field as a student and after I graduate without the burden of debt."
- Elvia Limón

"Hopeful, thankful, elated. Three words that describe my reaction to receiving the Mayborn Scholarship. My gratitude to the Mayborn School as well as the Frank and Sue Mayborn Foundation is enduring. Being honored as an awardee has motivated me further to achieve beyond anything I have before. I’m truly fortunate to have so many people believe in me and my future. A new chapter in my story is unfolding and I know that I’ll find no better place to grow than here, at the Mayborn, where my heart is grateful and my soul is content."
- Rawan Shishakly

"Receiving the Mayborn Scholarship has changed the trajectory of my life. I had not planned on entering graduate school for some time due to lack of finances. It is because of Sue Mayborn that I am able to be here, and her gift goes well beyond alleviating my financial burden. The hours I would normally spend working, I have been able to invest in study time, volunteer opportunities, and building relationships within The Mayborn School of Journalism. It has made a future in writing and editing available to me. I will always be grateful for the freedom to create my own story."
- Kate Skinner

"I am extremely honored to have received the prestigious Mayborn Graduate Scholarship for the second year. During the past year, I have helped Mayborn faculty with research projects, interned at Dallas Child Magazine, interned at Southwest Airlines, got a part-time job doing internal communications for the operations department at Southwest Airlines, and started freelancing for Dallas Child Magazine, Southlake Style Magazine, and Addison Magazine. I have had the freedom to do so many different things that I love because the Mayborn Scholarship has allowed me to not worry about tuition and book costs. No matter where my future takes me, I know that it will be combining my love of traveling with writing; something I did not realize before I came to graduate school at the Mayborn. I am grateful to Sue Mayborn for allowing me to learn and develop as a writer, and I am honored to be one of the many faces of the Mayborn School of Journalism."
- Sydni Walker

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