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Student Media

The North Texas Daily

The student newspaper for the University of North Texas covers a variety of topics relevant to both students & area residents.

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Journalism students produce daily local news, interviews, special topics of interest, and sports programs for listeners in the local community.

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NTDaily TV

Student-produced newscast, sports talk shows and community affairs, shown on Denton Community Television.

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Real-world experience


A student-run advertising agency that serves real clients, to give students real world experience.

Hatch Visuals

A student-run photo agency that offers real-world experience for visual storytellers.


The UNT Ad team which competes in the annual National Student Adversiting Competition.

Denton Live

A partnership with the Denton CVB student-written magazine and website showcasing local events.

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Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference



The annual literary magazine of the Mayborn Graduate Institute blends the work of professional writers and Mayborn students.

Ten Spurs

A collection of award-winning selections from the annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.