They write everything from the words you hear on YouTube and TV ads, the headlines in your magazine ads to what you see on social media to create the most eye-catching ad.

Art Directors like to draw. They make the creative decisions about how to best visually present the information and feelings that a campaign needs to get across.

They are the leaders in every group project and the liaison between an agency and the client, ensuring the client's needs and goals are being met. Sales, leadership and presentation skills are a must.

Account planning is the heart of the consumer and essential to a good campaign strategy. They love research, psychology and people-watching because they have a desire to know why people do what they do. If you have an interest in brands and why people love or hate them, this is the position for you.

They decide when, where and how to advertise products and they stay on top of what's fresh when it comes to advertising.

Buyers know money. They meet with the client to learn about their goals, budget and targeted customer and then use this information to recommend the platform they should advertise on and the days and times those ads should run.

Think you know everything about social media? There is so much to learn and you'll learn is at UNT. What lures and keeps people into a platform and how it is best used. They also write content to keep customers interested.

They know all the cool web stuff - DHTML, Java Script, they know all about website authorware - WIX, Drupal, Squarespace, and the old standby, WordPress. They get companies up and running.

Learn the tools of the trade for video editing and production techniques. Make videos for the digital space, commercials, or full-length features.

Explore our courses

Our new ADVG major and minor launched in Fall 2023. Come check out all of our exciting new courses, which emphasize hands-on learning, trying new things, and discussions grounded in society and cultures.

Majors complete all four courses
Minors complete any three courses

ADVG 1000: Principles of Advertising and Brand Strategy
A survey of advertising and brand communication practices, including terminology, history, economic functions, composition, ethical practices, representation, authenticity, agency structure, professional roles, tools, and industry equity.

ADVG 1100: Applied Design for Ad and PR
Fundamentals of strategic communication design, ideation, concepting, resilience, and equity in the creative process through use of software, open-source tools, and team-based learning. Develop original content for social media, web, mobile, and other digital platforms. This hands-on course teaches students how to use the Adobe Creative Suite to create advertising and public relations content.

ADVG 2000: Digital Advertising Tools and Analytics
Survey of display, search, video and other advertising tools used across digital and social media. Hands-on development of evaluation techniques including analytics and dashboards to optimize digital and social campaigns. This hands-on course teaches students how to create digital advertising campaigns and how to measure their success.

ADVG 2100: Inclusive Advertising
Exploration of cultures, lifestyles, perspectives, and experiences different from your own through the context of multicultural and global advertising campaigns. Develop and analyze primary and secondary consumer insights to produce authentic and equitable messages; practice giving feedback and initiating challenging conversations about ad work.

Majors choose four to build a specialization
Minors choose two to build a specialization
(Pre-Reqs: Foundational Courses)

ADVG 3000: Copywriting for Brands
Intensive writing for brands. Examine, develop, and apply brand voice through workshop exercises for social and digital media, influencer and production scripts, blog entries, taglines, headlines, supporting copy, sponsored content, and internal branding.

ADVG 3010: People-Centered Copywriting
As digital technologies progress, copywriters must create captivating content for increasingly niche audiences. Analyze language and themes used across cultures, values, and perspectives. Create empathetic advertising copy through rigorous written exercises. Pitch work to clients; give and receive constructive critiques.

ADVG 3100: Advertising Art Direction for Brands
Hands-on design course. Developing brand identity through imagery; including logos, icons, typefaces, and color schemes. Industry design tools will be used to create visual expressions for new brands and evolve existing brands. Pitch work to clients; give and receive constructive critiques.

ADVG 3110: Representation through Advertising Art Direction
Hands-on design course. A study of ethics in design choices; how imagery shapes society including model selection, stereotypes, and bias. Implement visual design tools to create equitable campaigns that reflect important shifts in industry practices. Pitch work to clients; give and receive constructive critiques.

ADVG 4000: Advanced Art Direction Workshop
Intensive, hands-on design course. Advertising content created for real world clients, in conjunction with an agency. Pitch work to clients; give and receive constructive critiques. Pre-Reqs (in addition to foundational courses): ADV 3100 and ADVG 3110

ADVG 3200: Advertising Account Management
Covers all aspects of the organization, supervision and management of advertising agency operations in both advertising and marketing agencies as well as client organizations. Account executives lead client relations, internal/intra-agency relations, project supervision, workflow, traffic, presentations, business development, campaign coordination and project evaluation [existing description].

ADVG 3300: Advertising Strategy and Insights
Strategists collect and analyze consumer insights to form effective campaign concepts. A focus on creating authentic advertisements while employing principles of brand positioning, creative inquiry, and strategic thinking. Emphasis on interviews, focus groups, surveys, and interpreting market data.

ADVG 3310: Advertising Research and Campaign Evaluation
Hands-on, laboratory research course. Advertising research and analytics will be reviewed, interpreted, and applied to create more effective brand messages across platforms.

ADVG 3400: Experiential Advertising and Brand Activations
An exploration of branded events and activations and those that employ smart technology including VR and AR, in-store experiences, pop-up shops, museums, and virtual exhibits. Implement design thinking and principles of omnichannel communication to determine how paid, branded experiences create earned media opportunities across other platforms.

ADVG 3220: Social Media Client Partnerships
A study of social media through the lens of paid, branded partnerships. Emphasis on account management and media buying roles. Explores law and ethics, pursuing accounts, media strategy, managing online content, and campaign analytics for social media.

ADVG 3500: Advertising Media Buying and Planning
Print, broadcast and web time-buying procedures important to media buyers and media salespeople. Assignments in audience research, identifying media that reach target audiences and using effective media mixes. Also includes development and presentation of media plans [existing description].

ADVG 3510: Programmatic and Tailored Advertising
Examines how technology is used to select, buy and place advertisements. This course will cover timely digital advertising developments often questioned by clients such as blockchains, cryptocurrency, click fraud, and privacy issues.

Majors complete all three courses
(Pre-Reqs: Foundational and Specialization courses)

ADVG 4200: Advertising Career Advancement
Two part course: 1-hour internship or special project off campus; 2-hour class meeting and discussion. Hones skills needed for job seeking including personal branding, resume design, business communication, working with clients, persuasive pitching, salary negotiation, collaboration, team management, imposter syndrome, burnout, mental health, equitable hiring and pathways to leadership.

ADVG 4300: Advertising Full-Service Campaigns
Mirrors the roles of the advertising agency in developing a strategic advertising plan and creating a complete campaign for real clients. Brings together skills and knowledge from all previous advertising courses and results in a comprehensive plansbook and professional presentation of the campaign to the client [existing description]

ADVG 4400: Advertising Campaigns Competition
Intensive immersion in advertising campaign planning, with focus on developing an integrated communications campaign for a national client as part of an organization such as the National Student Advertising Competition. Students create, develop and execute a campaign including a comprehensive plansbook and competitive client presentation. [existing description]

ADVG 4100: Creative Collective and Freelancing
Hone advanced skills through special, student-selected projects to prepare for advertising work outside a traditional agency setting. Designed to support rigorous applications to advertising awards and leadership programs.

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