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We are saddened to learn of the passing of Nick Ricco Sr. on May 4. Nick was a proud UNT alumnus, and also an extremely generous donor. More importantly, he and his wife Anna have been true friends to the Mayborn in many ways and over many years. Nick believed fiercely in the power of journalism and will be deeply missed.

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Andrea Miller, award-winning journalist, to head the UNT Mayborn School of Journalism. Read more about her here!

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The Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas can help start you on the road to success, no matter where your future leads. We offer state-of-the-art technology in our studios and a wealth of opportunities for career advancement.

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Mayborn students gain a unique hands-on education in:

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Mayborn students gain a unique hands-on education in writing, ad layout, broadcast, editing & design, & digital that prepares them for success.

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Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference


Our nationally acclaimed annual conference offers a forum for journalists, writers, readers, stu­dents, educators and the general public to listen to, be inspired by and practice their craft at the highest possible level.

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